How to check your canning jars for a good seal

After a long day of canning, you may think that you are off the hook the minute you take those jars out of the water canner. Oh, how wrong you are! One of the most important things about canning won’t happen until those jars are nice and cool. What is it? You need to check … Continue reading

Maple-Sweetened Blueberry Rhubarb Jam

I haven’t brought this jam to a food swap, but I’ve been using this jam for swaps on the side all month long. First, I bought a gorgeous garden hose from a co-worker with a jar of this jam and a small jar of strawberry chocolate mint jam. Then I bought an old but totally functional … Continue reading

Tips to prettify your swap items.

Coffee bean-infused olive oil from the May food swap | Photo by A-K Thordin

Let’s be honest – everyone loves nice packaging. A flash of color, a homespun touch, a unique accent, and a beautiful presentation make an item stand out against the rest. Food swaps are no exception! Cleverly and beautifully packaging your items at a food swap is a fun opportunity to let your creative side shine. … Continue reading