Who We Were

The MPLS Swappers was a Minneapolis-based larder swap and social gathering co-organized by Kim Christensen, A-K Thordin, and Mandy Ellerton. We gathered to trade food we made, foraged, and grew ourselves, share knowledge with like-minded foodies, and build a community and culture of home food production in an urban environment. The MPLS Swappers were active 2010-2012. We are no longer organizing events.

What We Did

Shared in amazing homemade food, built community and empowered each other to turn home food production from a hobby to a habit.

What We Swapped

Whatever you make/forage/grow/brew/etc: home-canned vegetables and fruits, pickles, jams, chutneys, jellies, vinegars, kombucha, sauerkraut and other ferments, cheeses, breads, cakes, starters, honey, granola, homegrown herbs and vegetables, foraged foods, handmade sausages, backyard eggs, soups, spreads, whatever else you make!

When We Met

We meet once a month, usually the second weekend of each month on alternating Saturdays and Sundays.

Everyone was Welcome!

If you had an interest or passion for home food production, we wanted you at our swaps. You don’t need to be an expert chef or a master gardener. You don’t need to bring wildly fancy gourmet foods. We encouraged people who are new to cooking for themselves as much as we encourage master canners and kitchen wizards.  We welcomed everybody, as long as you brought something you made/grew/foraged yourself!


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