November Food Swap Recap

This month’s swap at Open Arms was another success!  It’s such a great feeling to see so many excited and smiling faces (especially involving home-grown, home-made food!).

We had several new people attending, and a large group of familiar faces as well.  Setup involved a lot of getting our food cozy with the neighbor’s or creating some makeshift surfaces, as we were slightly shorter on tables but, more excitingly, packed to the brim with goodies for swapping.

After Kim’s introduction and breakdown of the activity to come, Open Arm’s outgoing executive director Kevin Winge was on hand to explain the non-profit’s mission, outcomes, and plans for the future.  We were happy to have Kevin and Gwen as new pointpeople at Open Arms, as well as several more Open Arms volunteers and employees participating in the swap itself.  Every month we have worked with Open Arms we feel just as grateful to have access to their space as the first time.

As fewer fresh vegetables and fruits are available in our northern climate, many of the offerings leaned toward baked goods, farm fresh eggs, and various cooked and canned items.  There was an incredible variety, and I felt particularly impressed with the level of presentation people brought to this swap in particular – table coverings, handmade signs, lovely packaging, and festive decorations.

Some of the items people brought included:

  • kombucha SCOBYs
  • drunken molasses and mesquite chocolate chip cookies (both gf and vegan!)
  • duck and chicken eggs
  • fresh-caught fish
  • pesto brie tortas
  • cola and lavender syrups
  • pickled butternut squash
  • many kinds of berry jams
  • pork and chicken tamales
  • pumpkin truffles
  • pear water kefir
  • spiced applesauce
  • dairy kefir
  • green tomato relish
  • and much much more!

The bidding is on!

Lacto-fermented pickles

Homemade Danishes!

The ever-popular kombucha SCOBY

Thank you to everyone for coming to the swap, for inspiring everyone with your goods, and for keeping this event so successful.  Word is getting out…we even made the City Pages this month!  Stay tuned for registration to open up for December’s MPLS Food Swap, which will be taking place at Open Arms on Sunday, December 11th.


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