July Food Swap Recap

samples of Anissa's red velvet cake-in-a-jar

On Saturday, July 9 the MPLS Swappers gathered for our fourth food swap. Due to unexpected space complications, we decided a mere 1 1/2 hours before swappers started to arrive that we would move the swap down the street to the lovely Powderhorn Park. We posted a sign on the door of our previous venue, hauled our stuff to the park, and set up as quickly as we could. Although our setup was a little slapdash, utilizing benches, mismatching folding tables, a huge picnic table, and a floor rug, we made it work. One of the swappers even contributed a folding table she had in her car! To top it off, we didn’t have access to our box of materials, so we made name tags out of scraps of leftover bid sheets.

Thankfully, the swappers went with the flow and we all pulled together to make it work! Being outside was actually really fun, and it felt a lot like a picnic. The sun was warm, the breeze was cool, and we enjoyed spending time in the fresh air. We are so lucky to have such beautiful parks in the Twin Cities, aren’t we?

This swap pulled in many of the regular attendees, but was mostly new faces. It was fun to see what a wide variety of items were brought, and once again Mandy, my co-host, and I were amazed by the creativity. Oddly, neither of us brought anything to swap this month! Mandy had just finished planning her DIY wedding and is riding on the wave of being a newlywed, and I had moved a new apartment the day before the swap. Neither of us had the time or energy to pull anything together! Although we were both a little disappointed we didn’t have anything to share, we agreed it was fun to be able to walk around, chat with swappers, sample foods, and just relax.

Without further ado, here are some of the tasty things that were offered at the swap. I know I’m forgetting things, please leave notes in the comments if you remember something I don’t!

  • homegrown herbs, shallots, lettuces, and Jerusalem artichokes
  • various jams and jellies with amazing flavor combinations
  • lemon confit
  • beet cupcakes
  • red velvet cake-in-a-jar
  • bacon chocolate chip cookies
  • nutella black bean fudge, adapted from this recipe
  • strawberry tart
  • gluten-free granola
  • various dips and varieties of hummus
  • homemade soft cheese, in various flavors
  • sauerkraut and kimchee
  • bagels
  • whoopie pies
  • meringues
  • spice mixes and dried herbs
  • salsas and pickled vegetables
One benefit of having the swap outside? Great light for photos. So, enough words. Let’s look at food porn.

Shallots and Jerusalem artichokes

there was a wide variety of fresh herbs and homegrown lettuces

homemade breadsticks and dip, on the snack table

lovely jars of lemon confit

Anissa's red velvet cake-in-a-jar was delicious and brilliantly presented! What a great idea.

coconut curry hummus and roasted beet hummus

One of the many jams at the July swap. We had jams coming out of our ears!

Beet cupcakes, packaged in a pretty box.

newbie cheesemaker Morgan organizes her many flavors of fresh soft cheese

Becca made meringues, which was very impressive considering the high humidity! That was a bold move, Becca!

the bacon chocolate chip cookies were a huge hit. i managed to snap a photo before all the samples were gone!

pickled vegetables and salsas

One swapper brought bagels, strawberry-lime jam, AND whoopie pies - incredible!

This swapper, a local chef, is looking over the many bids on her unique jams. She several interesting flavors, even Kim Chee Jam!

one swapper's loot

that's one happy swapper - her lemon confit earned her lots of goodies!

Their jam and bacon-chocolate chip cookies were a big hit, look at everything they got in exchange!

Minnesota Monthly intern Morgan Mercer interviews a swapper for a multimedia piece for the magazine's website

This swap was special because we were visited by Morgan Mercer, an intern at Minnesota Monthly. She participated in the swap with her fresh soft cheese, but also brought along her videocamera to interview swappers. Morgan is putting together a multimedia piece she is putting together for Minnesota Monthly‘s website to accompany the “Ready, Set, Swap” in the August issue.
Oh, wait, you haven’t heard? The MPLS Swappers have been featured in Minnesota Monthly, arguably the highest profile magazine in the state! Writer Gregory Scott did an amazing job of capturing the spirit of the swaps, and in profiling me and my intentions for starting the organization. The August issue of Minnesota Monthly (due on newsstands the week of 7/24), and I’m hoping the article will be online as well – I will post a link when the August issue is available online. And, I can’t wait to see Morgan’s piece! A big thanks to Minnesota Monthly, Gregory, and Morgan for the amazing coverage of our organization.
Our next swap will be Sunday, August 14, 2011 from 2-4 pm. The location is still TBD, but we will announce registration information the week of July 24. So, stay tuned!
Until then, try to stay cool and get cookin’!
– Kim
One Response to “July Food Swap Recap”
  1. Looks amazing! I want one of everything, please! 🙂 Getting ready for our first food swap in Indianapolis on Aug 27th. (on FB as Indy Food Swappers, twitter @indyfoodswap). Yours is a real inspiration…. hope to have a website up similar to yours in a week or so. Congrats on such great success!

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