MPLS Swappers in Minnesota Monthly

The article "Ready, Set, Swap" in the August 2011 issue of Minnesota Monthly features the MPLS Swappers!

Finally, I can let the cat out of the bag!

The August issue of Minnesota Monthly  features a two-page article about the MPLS Swappers entitled “Ready, Set, Swap”! Writer Gregory Scott interviewed me back in early June, and we made a peach-rhubarb-strawberry jam together while discussing my motivations for founding the organization earlier this year and my personal health journey with chronic Lyme Disease. Shortly thereafter, Gregory attended the June swap with a photographer. Gregory even brought his own homemade mincemeat to swap! Between bidding on items, he spoke with many of the swappers and co-organizer Mandy (our other co-organizer A-K was out of town).

Well, I must say that Gregory whipped together a great article. It truly captures the energy of the swap and has a light and lively spirit, and features Anissa, Odia, Tim, Amanda, Trinity, Mandy, and me, and highlights the foods of Shar and Holly. Awesome, right? I enjoy his voice as a writer (the dude is funny!), and he makes the swap seem approachable and fun. He also discusses the larger trend of food swapping across the country, as well as the variety of motivations behind involving oneself in home food production, from feminist theory to food allergies.

The article also features information about me and my inspiration to kick off the MPLS Swappers. I’m very impressed with how Gregory captured my overall intentions and my personal healing journey. It feels a little vulnerable to share that information on such a public forum, but I think it gives good context for my involvement, and shows the power of whole foods nutrition and positive community involvement in a successful healing process.

The cover of the August issue Minnesota Monthly. Look for it on news stands soon!

Want to see the article for yourself? Read it online HERE (only a few photos are missing). If you prefer print, the August issue of Minnesota Monthly should have already been mailed to subscribers, and will be available at news stands the week of July 24, 2011. Check it out, and leave a comment letting us know what you think!

As for our next swap? It will be held Sunday, August 14, 2011 from 2-4 pm. We are still working on a new location in Minneapolis, but hope to have details ironed out soon! The registration should be up next week, and will be advertised through our mailing list, our Facebook page, Twitter, and this blog.

Thanks to writer Gregory Scott and the staff at Minnesota Monthly  for putting this article to press. Thanks to co-organizers Mandy and A-K for leading this event with me. And of course, thanks to all of our swappers who attend each month and make it a better success than I ever thought possible. On a personal note, I must admit that I consider you all part of my extended family. Communing with you each month means the world to me, and it is exciting to see a community growing and friendships forming before my very eyes! Mandy, A-K, and I are excited about this event and have some great ideas for allowing it to grow to scale and become even better. So, stay tuned, and get cookin’.

xo- Kim

P.S. – By the way, the recap of our July swap will be up soon! I moved to a new apartment the day before the July swap, and have been attempting to find my possessions and nest the last week. Now that things have calmed down a bit, I’ll get that recap up! In the meantime, check out this great recap from Trinity on her fun blog Trinknitty.

4 Responses to “MPLS Swappers in Minnesota Monthly”
  1. Trinity says:

    I’ve gotta get my hands on a copy of this. Kim, you look great and I am sure you will sound great, too! Swapping is the best.

  2. Christina says:

    YAY! Can’t wait for the article to be online (maybe someday?!) The photos are amazing! Congrats MPLS!!

    (P.S. I have that same FABULOUS dress from Target… LOVE the yellow necklace paired with it!)

    Chris, FSCSwappers (& From Scratch Club)

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