Jar and bottle recycling at the May 14 food swap

Here’s a great idea from Amanda, one of the participants in the upcoming swap:

“I wonder if there’d be a way to bring back empty canning jars to the swap? I know some people who aren’t canners accumulate jars…and people who are canners are always in need of jars!”

I love this idea!  Amanda, thank you for making such an awesome suggestion.

So, let’s do it. And why should we limit it to canning jars? I think that flip-top bottles or screw top beer bottles (used for home-brewing) could also be great for reuse.  If you have empty canning jars, flip-top bottles, or screw top beer bottles that you don’t need for canning, food storage, or home brewing, bring them to the next swap. We’ll have a “recycling” table set up and anyone who cans can feel free to take a few jars and bottles home with them.

One caveat: if no one takes home what you brought, please take it back with you. I think I speak for all the organizers that we don’t want to end up with piles of glass that we need to clean up after the event!

See you on May 14  🙂


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