The Heavy Table covers the MPLS Swappers

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Local website The Heavy Table just published a fantastic article about the MPLS Swappers, entitled The Inaugural Minneapolis Food Swap. Writer – and Swapper – Jason Walker included many quotes from participants, as well as shared his experience and learnings. Photographer Scott Theisen did a beautiful job of documenting the event, and the article is full of a wonderful assortment of photographs that truly capture the spirit. Be sure to check it out!

Click here to read “The Inaugural Minneapolis Food Swap” at The Heavy Table

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4 Responses to “The Heavy Table covers the MPLS Swappers”
  1. Mark says:

    I love this idea. I posted on heavytable so I won’t repeat that – but great idea. The only thing – the font on this site is super light/thin – and hard to read. It might just be my monitor – I did try resizing. In any case – great idea and concept.

    • Kim Christensen says:

      Thanks Mark! I saw your comment on Heavy Table. And thanks for the suggestion with the font. I was thinking that myself, and I’m changing it to be more legible. Blogging isn’t worthwhile if no one can read it! :) Hope to see you at the next swap.

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  1. […] was wrong. The first event filled to our space’s capacity (30 people) in a week and half, and after the article in The Heavy Table posted our Facebook fan count doubled in 24 hours. I’ve been responding to inquiry emails and […]

  2. […] tuned for the September recap and for registration info for the October 9 swap. Okay, moving on! We love publicity. And here’s a peek at the latest bit! A quick photo of the food swap spread […]

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